Backlogging Photos : Never Run out of things to post!

Never run out of photos to post! Backlog your photos with dropbox to keep a constant supply and backup!

Never run out of photos to post! Backlog your photos with dropbox to keep a constant supply and backup!

Backlogging photos is important for staying up to date and being consistent with timing on your posts.

If you are using your phone for photography, this doesn't necessarily apply to you, although it can if you edit on the computer.

For those of you using a DSLR or Point and Shoot, here is a fast and easy workflow for backlogging photos to stay on your game.  It looks like a lot of steps now but I promise it will keep your process moving quickly and efficiently

Steps to backlogging photos with Dropbox:

1.) After a shoot, upload the new photos to your computer (I recommend backing these up on an external hard drive as well)

2.) Open up Adobe Lightroom/ Bridge/ Iphoto and import your photos

3.) Edit your photo/photos and export to a folder on your external drive or computer

I usually label a series of folders based on the shoot and the date - For example: "Santa Monica_2016" or for a bunch of random photos "Fall_2016"

4.) Create a dropbox account if you don't already have one

Within the dropbox account, create a folder called "Instagram" and create a subfolder labeled something like "Date - Instagram"

5.) Upload your newly edited photos to this folder

6.) Download dropbox to your phone and log in

If you are backlogging your photos that's it! Your photos are now set to be uploaded to Instagram whenever you want to post.  I usually save my photos on dropbox and save to my phone and upload to Instagram as needed.

7.) If you are ready to post, click on the folder that you created and open the image that you would like to post.

8.) Hold down on the image and click save photo. The photo should go right to your phone photos.

9.) Open Instagram and upload!

You can also use google drive, Evernote, or email the photos to yourself. I personally prefer dropbox for backlogging photos because it's extremely easy and free up to 2GB. I decided to go with the pro version and pay $99 a year for 1TB. Which is completely worth every penny!!