Installing Lightroom Presets in 6 Easy Steps


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Installing Lightroom Presets is super easy and only takes a few minutes!

Follow these steps to get started and look below for FREE Presets

1.) Open Lightroom

  • PC: Click EDIT > preferences
  • MAC: Click LIGHTROOM> preferences
Lightroom Presets | Instal | How to Instal Lightroom Presets | The Liked Photo

2.) In the pop-up screen, click PRESETS (second tab)

3.) In the middle of the screen, click SHOW LIGHTROOM PRESETS FOLDER

Lightroom Preset

4.) When the folder comes up, click LIGHTROOM

Lightroom Preset

5.) Double click on DEVELOP PRESETS folder

6.) Copy the presets from The Liked Photo Folder (found in your downloads) into DEVELOP PRESETS folder

Lightroom Preset

The preset will automatically open in Lightroom. If not, quit, and reopen Lightroom.


You can always make quick adjustments to a Lightroom preset. Presets tend to look a little different on each photo depending on the highlights and shadows. If your photo looks too dark, bump the exposure just a hair and bring it down a bit if your photo looks too bright.

Play around until you get the desired look and comment below if you need more help installing Lightroom presets!

Click Below for 3 free presets!


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